Biographie / biography

Andrejs Zagars was appointed as General Director of the Latvian National Opera in August 1996 by the Prime Minister of the time, Andris Skele. Having completed his training at the Conservatoire (now the Latvian Academy of Music) and the Film Actors’ Studio in 1982, an extensive range of Latvian and Russian film credits followed, in addition to a diverse range of stage roles at the Daile Theatre. In 1993 his creative talent was re-directed into the restaurant business and a string of extremely popular restaurants changed the face of dining in Riga. Under his stewardship of nine years, the Latvian National Opera has put Riga on the international opera map with high quality productions, touring and gradual changes in internal management culture. Always on the lookout for new challenges, he has recently taken up stage directing. The four operas he has directed to date, have received critical acclaim from international music journalists.


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